Center for Genomic Sequencing and Bioinformatics: current and future perspectives

dr Mirjana Novković, IMGGI, Belgrade, Serbia

Abstract: High throughput technologies become essential tools in molecular biology allowing the fast analysis of large biological data in just a few days. IMGGE recently established the Centre for genome sequencing and bioinformatics which operates state of the art resources for next generation sequencing (NGS) including MGI, Illumina and Oxford Nanopore platforms, as well as mass spectrometry instrument for proteomic analyses. The Center also includes space and infrastructure for sequencing data analysis, with local storage servers and additional access to external servers such as server at Faculty of Physics and Nvidia as a part of National Data Center Office. Resources of the Center are currently used for Sars-Cov-2 genome sequencing, prenatal genome testing and whole genome and whole exome sequencing. One of the main goals of the newly established Center also includes developing and automatizing NGS data analysis pipelines that will be made available to the scientific community which will help researchers less experienced in bioinformatics to analyze their NGS data more efficiently.

Biography: Mirjana Novkovic is assistant research professor at Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering (IMGGE) University of Belgrade, Serbia. For the past few years she attended different bioinformatics courses including program “Bioinformatics for Biologists” at School of Computing, University Union in Belgrade. She is mostly dedicated to whole genome and whole exome sequencing data analyses and interested in transcriptomic data analysis. Currently she is team leader for Sars-Cov-2 genome sequencing at the Center for Genome sequencing and Bioinformatics at IMGGE.